The S Requires a Kinect Adapter

ScreenHunter_96 Jun. 14 17.44

With the announcement of the Xbox One S (find out about it here) some, however few that may or may not be, will be disappointed to see there is no built-in adapter for the Kinect. But a couple of updates to mention in this brief write up may settle a few worries you may have, other than the extra hours of work you’re going to have to put in with the sheer amount of hardware being released in the not-too-distant future.

ScreenHunter_93 Jun. 14 17.19

If you have and love your Kinect sensor, you can keep it and use it with the Xbox One S. However, you will need a Kinect adapter as pictured below which can also be used with Windows 10 enabled PC’s. If you haven’t got one of these the current going price is around £35. If you already have a Kinect you can register on this page for a free adapter (when the offer goes live) so those that have already invested in the hardware don’t have to keep forking out cash to keep it running.

kinect adapter

For some, the Kinect may already be obsolete and for those considering the S, they may only currently use it for the IR blasting functionality – infrared technology that is able to control other media devices, such as home cinema systems. This functionality is prebuilt into the S on the same matt-black lower portion of the console as the newly-positioned usb port. Until the next technological leap though, “Xbox On” may be a far less used phrase in the coming months.


It may have been expected with the introduction of HDR but as there is a greater demand on the console itself there is (supposedly) to be a slight increase in GPU and CPU output. How much this will be exactly may be revealed in the next few days; it is said to be noticeable enough to reduce screen tearing and reduce fps drops in the more hungry parts of games.

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