XCOM 2 Release Date for XB1


Turn-based games are a niche market and one that can be difficult to break into with new game concepts; many may revel in nostalgia at the Final Fantasy Series or catching them all in Pokémon. But XCOM has an eclectic mix of futuristic sci-fi with the more classic pew-pew of guns and special abilities that come with their class selection that may just get your strategic juices going.

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Earlier today the official Twitter account (above) has formally publicised the upcoming “deployment” to the Xbox One on September 6th 2016 so if you’re missing a little strategy in your life you may want to check out the official website to read up on what the game’s all about. It’s still shooting and blowing stuff up like many a Triple A game these days but it may require a little more forward thinking than going all-guns blazing – though please do have a go at doing just that!

For those that have been smashing the sequel to the hit turn-based tactical game XCOM released in February this year on the PC, it may not be a surprise that the are many upcoming DLC’s to expand 2KGames’ success with XCOM2. These will surely in turn come to the other platforms too, either after initial release or maybe as part of Day One DLC, but so you get the latest development of the game so far, their latest VT is below.

XCOM 2 Release Date for XB1


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