Are gaming genres fading away?

With over 20 years of gaming under my belt the thing I’ve enjoyed most is seeing the progression of gaming and the future prospects of new hardware, software gaming engines; you name it, I enjoy not just playing the games but marvelling at the weather, lighting, dialogue and facial emotions that can be portrayed in games nowadays. For those who have played Time Crisis, those two words “My God” has proven how far it’s all come, now having voice actors that can actually act!

But it all [genres] seems to be mixing together in a big pot of variable archetypes. First Person Shooter used to be just that. Half-Life, Duke Nukem – these show how well a story can truly submerge a player into a game and scare the crap out of you. You picked up a weapon and shot at your enemies until one of you died true FPS’. But now, there are levels, progressive weaponry, an experience system previously seen in RPG’s. The open-world games of Far Cry and Fallout are the current pinnacle, Fallout 4 including a truly customisable experience of third or first person, base-building and management. Destiny and the upcoming The Division proves that an MMOFPSRPG is becoming too ridiculous even in an abbreviated, acronym form.

I’d say the answer is yes. A good yes though. Where the best parts of different games are mixed into a cocktail of layered genius. I’ll stop now before sounding even more like Cilan.
For now I’ll look forward to the first FPSRPGMMOSTRATPLAT…..There will be one day, mark my words!!!