MotoGP16: Valentino Rossi Out Now

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The “Ultimate MotoGP Experience” from Milestone and, of course, Valentino Rossi is now available! It’s not just the two-wheel MotoGP experience that Rossi is most famous for that you can experience though, as the game encompasses the many disciplines that have made him such a historical champion.

Not only does he have NINE Grand Prix World Championships under his belt for his motorcycle achievements, he has tested F1 cars (nearly lapping faster than Shumacher’s trial time in 2006) and beaten Colin McRae. Let’s just say he knows his stuff!

Italian video game developer Milestone is the lead for the country and has been creating racing games for over 20 years – arcade racer Screamer was originally developed by their previous alias Graffiti back in 1995 for windows and MS-DOS. Since then, the WRC and MotoGP series have been a staple in the racing genre of games so we’re hoping this latest and greatest is certain to make its mark.

Still not sold? We’ll have a full review coming soon to give you a more in-depth analysis and if this game can keep up with the current competition out there with racing games.