Indie: Lost Ember


Let’s face it, the majority of current games that are out now or soon-to-be released have some sort of killing or violence in it. The beauty and power of being pulled into the digital worlds of current-gen releases plays a big part in what makes them successful, making you feel as though you are truly playing the character portrayed in the story or, at least to certain degree, role-playing your multiplayer character to a certain persona. It may also be a little more of personal opinion here too, yet that special time we have with games seems to be even more inundated with options that have greater importance on making it seem “real” or more realistic, rather than the more fantasy and magical that gripped the minds of many gamers old and new.


Lost Ember draws you in immediately with its creative and colourful world as you follow the main character (so to speak), a wolf with the ability to control any other animal you come across. Your quest, to find out what happened to a fallen civilisation long gone by exploring the landscapes and ruins left behind.

Dark secrets pave the way to the fall of Machu Kila! The old capitol and hometown of the Inrahsi now lays in ashes, the ruins of the once pompous temples are overgrown by shrubs and trees and nothing remains of the old majesty.

Figure out what happened to the people of Machu Kila and get to know the characters behind its fall.

Well, if a civilisation has been destroyed, maybe there’ll be uncovered stories of violence or killing in here somewhere. But there’s little more information than that available and it’s something that makes the title that little bit more intriguing. It also took Second Place in the Best Newcomer category at the German Videogame Awards (or Deutscher Computerspielpreis if you speak German) this year and the small selection of those that have had a longer play on it have given positive reviews for this story-driven experience so we can’t wait to get our own hand on it! Until then, we’ll keep you updated with the latest and hopefully get more details on when to expect it soon – enjoy the teaser below!

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