Xbox Wireless Expanding

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Even before the Xbox One released there were plenty of ways to be able to combine your Xbox Accessories with your PC – I still use my 360 adapter on the odd occasion! Yet the “Xbox Family” has steadily grown since the release of the One with improvements in wireless items having recent Bluetooth additions when looking at the new Xbox Wireless Controller, though the Xbox Wireless Adapter has been a necessary accompaniment to have these run on a PC.


The new Bluetooth Wireless controller comes as a standard with the Xbox One S.

Today, the expansion continues as the first PC with integrated Xbox Wireless is announced in the form of the Lenovo IdeaCentre Y710 Cube. The first in many partner devices will allow all Xbox Wireless accessories to connect to your PC (providing it’s this one!) straight out of the box without any additional dongles or USB adapter thingies sticking out “your pc”. Other partners that are currently being worked with include those at the forefront of accessories; Astro, PDP (Rock Band Guitar), Turtle Beach, HyperX, Lenovo and more; so expect to see other third party items having the Xbox Wireless symbol becoming standard with the Windows 10 merge incoming.

ScreenHunter_30 Aug. 16 21.35

It’s nice and starts at $1,299 – more here

Lower latency, enabled cross-platform play, wireless support for stereo sound and eliminating the need for adapters are all benefits to look forward to with the new hardware but it’ll require some testing to find out how much better the wireless quality really is. For the cube above, it’s the first time the adapter is integrated within the chassis, but Microsoft have bigger plans for the future and hope for direct integration onto PC motherboards with hardware partners.

Another step to continue the all-in-one progress that has continued since the Xbox One released or another item on the ever-expanding Christmas you may never get? Let us know below.

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